20/20 – Part II

Vous m’avez beaucoup manqué …çà se voit, tellement j’ai à vous dire !!!!

Pour une fois je vais être classique, 2020 n’a laissé personne indifférent, tant individuellement qu’à l’échelle, universelle de l’humanité.

Les 20 leçons de 2020 🙂

let’s go!

Give Thanks for where you are, who you are and what you have right now.
Listen AND trust the inner You
You Ask, You believe, you receive…God proceed.
May everyone play fully his partition
You are not (never) alone, He is (always) sleeping by your side
Keep your heart from wounds, or learn to heal from wounds,
for it’s the asset that will lead your entire life.
Don’t react as others expect you to, do it your way.
Your are different.
You are spirit.
Love is light…
you are light.
Light always overcomes darkness
You can spot People’s envy by what they destroy or try to destroy around them …
because they can’t possess it…
Heal the child in you, you cannot heal someonelse childhood wounds
There is a place where your worth, your service is valued.
Do not open doors you did not closed.
Deal with rejection and learn your worth from that.
Love yourself enough to say NO.
and if you feel lonely, remember lesson 4
Take back you power by facing your fears…
…Because your fears are your weaknesses…
untold, unconfronted weaknesses will fight you from inside...
told or reveiled weaknesses fight you from outside.
used by un-healed people to wound you on purpose.
God uses people and circumstances to bring things back in order.
The more you pray, the more it’s getting worst? the more truth is coming up to the surface,
stand still.
Don’t absorb others fears as yours. YOU are different.
Remember rule 6.

In case you doubt, watch 2021.

It was LydiaUnchained about 2020.

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